Ukrainian coaches take part in IKF coaching course

In april 2019, Ukrainian coaches Oleg Bilyk and Viktor Batyala take part in the IKF coaching course level III in The Netherlands with financial support of Korfball World Foundation.

Both Ukrainians are involved in the development of korfball in their country from the beginning. Besides being players of the Ukraine national squad, they are also both member of the Ukraine Korfball Federation board. Batyala is also involved as a coach in the nation wide sports project 'JuniorZ', amongst others. With this project various new sports are introduced in all of Ukraine, including korfball.

Before the actual course, Bilyk and Batyala visit the Dutch indoor korfball championships. After the course they spend a weekend in Leeuwarden to see the first official World Championship U19.

The participation of both coaches in the IKF course contributes to the long term goals to become a stable korfball country that growths using their own korfball knowledge.

The intention of Korfball World Foundation is to send two talented coaches to an IKF course each year for the coming years. More qualified coaches mean a growing quality of korfball in Ukraine as well as stability. The more coaches, the more independent korfball becomes from a few people.

Besides sending the two coaches to the IKF course, a TV crew is flown in for the World Championship U19 to shoot images for the monthly video program about korfball in Ukraine. The result is below.