IKF grants organisation of European Korfball Championship First Round to Ukraine

After a visit by their representative Jan Sjardijn beginning of May 2019, the International Korfball Federation (IKF) grants organisation of the European Korfball Championship First Round, to be held 1-3 November 2019, to the city of L'viv in Ukraine.

After taking part in the 2017 edition of the first round in Budapest, Hungary, Ukraine korfball has been working steadily on the growth of their organisation and adult player base. This gets another boost when during the 2018 Fall Tour of L'viv Predators the Ukraine ambassador in The Netherlands visits the game of Predators against NKC 51'. He strenghtens the involvement of the city of L'viv with korfball. This ultimately leads to the Ukraine Korfball Federation making a bid for the European Korfball Championship First Round with backing from the L'viv city council and Korfball World Foundation.

The event will take place in the Sports Palace "Halychyna" in L'viv, which is also host to international handball events, amongst others. Information is found on the IKF event page. Below you see the monthly Ukraine korfball video program that tells about the visit of Jan Sjardijn to L'viv (second item).