Korfball World Squad of World Games 2017

Now that the World Games are over for korfball, we love to bring our, very personal, retrospect of the championship in the Korfball World Squad. This squad consists of those players that stand out for us in quality of play, style of play and attitude. The squad is made up of athletes from all squads except The Netherlands. We really put the players in zones to create a squad that can actually play. Besides the base squad we pick six substitutes. This brings the full squad to the maximum amount of players allowed in a squad at the World Games.


  • Ashlee Othen, Australia
    Great athlete with a killer move for the running-in and second female top scorer behind Ya-Wen Lin of Taiwan and one of our Korfball Heroes
  • Zhao Jing, China
    Dangerous shooter from China who is seen as one of the key players of the Chinese squad, also by Ben Crum. English name 'Jaimy'
  • Jesse De Bremaeker, Belgium
    Overall top scorer, even though he didn't get to play as much as we would like, not starting on the second and fourth day
  • Jari Hardies, Belgium
    Excellent rebounder and motivator in the field. Enables his zone to take a lot of shots


  • Ya-Wen Lin, Taiwan
    Shared second on the top scorer list, leading it most of the tournament. Strong attacker with great attitude on the pitch and one of our Korfball Heroes
  • Tamara Siemieniuk, Poland
    Our pick of strongest player of the Polish squad, very movable, good motivator and positive attitude. A real team player and we wonder how she will do in a stronger squad. She scored thirteen goals, the same as Zhao Jing
  • Blake Palfreyman, Great Britain
    Arguably one of the big male talent on this championship. Had a weak start but recovered from day three. Versatile player that shares fourth place on the top scorer list with Nick Janssens of Belgium
  • Nien-Hua Huang, Taiwan
    Strong defender, fine rebounder and one of the best Taiwanese male players in the semi finals and final



  • Jana Kierdorf, Germany
    The German result is mainly a team performance. Jana is one of the most consistent players of the squad and among those with the most playing time
  • Neala Brennan, Great Britain
    Easily scoring British player that could have played more for us. Also a good motivator and more experienced player
  • Szu-Yu Lin, Taiwan
    This former player of Nic. in The Netherlands sadly played little. When she played she showed a good performance


  • Yongbin Yang, China
    Talented and technical player. Needed some time to grow in the tournament, like all his squad. English name 'Ben'
  • Adam Robertson, Australia
    High jumper, athletic player that can play supporting role in the zone as well as get some goals. Stands out with the fearsome beard
  • Brent Struyf, Belgium
    Our third Korfball Hero at the championship. Sadly got ill during the semi final game so we got to see less of him than wanted. A big talent that may lead the upcoming generation of Belgium