FANZY Pre-Order Hoodies 2020

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The Off-white and the Black hoodie have the 'Fanzyland' design, the Blue Fog hoodie has the 'Fanzy Shouts' design.

If you want to order multiple designs, colours and sizes, use the Special request field to add your additional articles.

Order and Article Information

We recommend taking a size larger than normal for the female model. Model 1 normally has size M, but the female sweater is size L. The sweater has a slightly "tailored fit".
Women model 1 is 1.80 m and has size L (normal M)
Women model 2 is 1.73 m and wears size M (normal S)

If you are a man and you like a more slim fit model, then this one is very suitable! Order a size larger!

We recommend taking a size larger than normal for the unisex hoodie for men and your normal size for women if you like it a bit more loose. Otherwise take a size smaller.
Women's model 1 is 1.80 and has size M, which was a bit more loose
Female model 2 is 1.73 and wears size S.
Male model 1 is 2.01 meters and normally has size L but now XL
Men model 2 is 1.87 and has size L.

The price is 35 Euro each!

We ask you to make a deposit of 10 Euro, so that we can be sure that you actually buy the hoodie. (So you only have to pay 25 Euro after that for the hoodie, you get a voucher at your e-mail adress). If you still change your mind, we will refund it as soon as possible.

Transfer your down payment to the foundation: NL76 RBRB 0900 1801 02, Korfball World Foundation, Rotterdam

After you send this completed form, transfer the money to this bank account.

We will send it as soon as possible and hope you enjoy it