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This is the home of Korfball World. A new website is in development. In the meantime, you can contact us via Instagram or Facebook. Or visit our webshop.

About the Foundation

Korfball World Foundation is established in 2014 and is based in The Netherlands.


Our mission is to support the growth of international korfball in such a way that the chance of becoming an Olympic sport increase. For this we see two tasks:

  1. Increase the international korfball level of some specific countries, so that there is more competition for the medal ranking in global events
  2. Increase the exposure and commercial value of korfball, so that it is an interesting sport for sponsors

These two factors are seen by us as the main points that make korfball likely to be incorporated in the Olympic Games.


To achieve our mission, we have various activities:

Besides these primary activities, we also have more secondary activities: